The Exhibition

The Zoroastrian community as a whole is shrinking in numbers and BandBazi wanted to give a voice to this small but vibrant community, whilst providing an educational component for both those from within the community and from the wider public. Memory collectors were trained and supported by BandBazi to conduct interviews that honour the migration stories of their interviewees.
Ten exhibition totems house in-depth interviews with Zoroastrian community members who migrated to the UK in the latter part of the 20th Century. These oral histories, as well as photographic portraits and archive photographs of the subjects’ families, offer a glimpse of a diminutive yet ancient religion and community.
Oral histories can be accessed either at the exhibition itself by headphones or QR code technology, or via this website. Each recording is between three and six minutes long and is an edited version of in-depth interviews that took place between our volunteer memory collectors and the interviewees. Longer edits of these interviews are available on the site also.
The portrait photographs shown on this site and on the exhibition totems were taken by award winning photographer, David Churchill. Archive photographs were kindly loaned to BandBazi by the interviewees and their families.
The exhibition will be launched at the Brunei Suite, the School of Oriental and African Studies, London on November 20th and will be touring a variety of venues in the South East between January and March 2013:
10th to 30th January – Jubilee Library, Brighton and Hove
4th to 21st February – Lewis Elton Gallery, University of Surrey, Guildford
22nd February to 9th March - Oxford Town Hall
14th to 28th March – the Zoroastrian Centre, Rayners Lane, London
Like Sugar in Milk has been created and developed by BandBazi in collaboration with the Ferdowsi Trust Fund, the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe and the World Zoroastrian Organisation.