The Project

Like Sugar in Milk is a Heritage Lottery funded mobile oral history and photographic portrait exhibition focusing on the migration stories of Zoroastrian and Parsee elders now residing in the South East of England.
The exhibition marks the culmination of an 18 month project involving over twenty volunteers from the South East of England. These volunteer memory collectors were selected by a project Steering Group made up of members and leaders of Zoroastrian organisations, to capture the migration stories of twelve Zoroastrian and Parsee interview subjects. Although from Iran, India and East Africa, this is one community, with the same cultural practices. Iranian Zoroastrians have come to the UK from Iran. Indian Parsees are Zoroastrians who migrated to India from Iran 1300 years ago when Islam arrived in the country. East African Zoroastrians travelled there to work for the British Empire in the 19th and 20th centuries. Even though there are only about 150,000 members of the culture dispersed throughout the world there is a strong, united community in the South East.
BandBazi are proud and excited to present these captivating, unique and poignant stories to exhibition venues across the South East of England.
About BandBazi:
BandBazi tells the stories that connect people
BandBazi is an award winning arts company with an outstanding reputation for community outreach. Since Philippa Vafadari started the company in 2001, BandBazi (Farsi for Trapeze) has gained national and international status for creating work that is immediate and innovative and responds imaginatively to contemporary issues.
BandBazi's mission is to give a voice to disenfranchised groups and challenge stereotypes through professional productions and community participation; this forms the backbone of the company’s desire to bring theatre to groups who might not otherwise realise the relevance it can have to their lives.
We work across three distinct yet interconnected streams: Professional, Community and Youth. Like Sugar in Milk is part of our Community stream.
BandBazi Community has been growing and growing over the past decade; we have delivered projects with and for a wide range of community groups in Brighton and Hove. BandBazi has a strong presence in its home city and within the South East but the company’s reach is much broader than this. Our professional, international touring schedule is also complemented by an educational outreach programme. The workshops are targeted at a cross-section of the community and provide the participants with a means of self-expression through creative writing, circus, physical skills and improvisation. 
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