Testimonials from volunteer memory collectors:

"I really wanted to take part in Like Sugar in Milk to explore my own heritage, as someone Mixed Race Parsee-British. It's been a great experience and one that has not only allowed me to explore parallels between my own families history with others' stories of migration to the South East, but it has also allowed me to learn more about Iranian Zoroastrian culture. I have met really fascinating, engaging people of an older generation and been given a unique opportunity to listen to their life stories. Moreover, it's rejuvenated my interest in and  exploration of Parsee culture and I have been reading, watching and cooking a lot more to better develop my own sense of identity. The project has also given me the space to cultivate strong interview, design and editing skills through the process and I will take these forward into future endeavours - I am already applying to volunteer in other BME oral history projects! I really hope that Like Sugar in Milk reaches far and wide and that more people begin to know about and understand Zoroastrian culture and heritage. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with BandBazi who I have learnt more about and find an inspiring and exciting organisation, if anything it was a shame not to have more opportunities to get to know others in the organisation and get to know a bit more about their other projects. I hope to continue working with them in the future."

Nim Ralf - Volunteer Memory Collector


Testimonials from our interviewees:


"Philippa Vafadari  has shown through her project Like Sugar in Milk a remarkable and heartfelt desire to explore what really are the concerns, hopes and aspirations of the Zoroastrian community since their departure from their homelands. Each participant has his own story to tell, of success or failure, of joy or sadness and how we as individuals have fared in the Diaspora. I  can only hope that the exhibition will act as a spur for positive and meaningful action from those  who consider themselves community leaders to rejuvenate and invigorate a fast declining community."

Sammy Bhiwandiwalla - Interviewee


"When I was invited to be one of the subjects for this exhibition I was hesitant and not sure what useful purpose it would serve. Meeting the team that has put  together the exhibition, and working with them was sheer joy. The professionalism of all including the volunteers, their courtesy and friendliness confirmed to me that I had made the right decision in accepting the invitation.

Far too often the story of the immigrant is not heard and the exhibition offers different perspectives, different situations and needs of the immigrants and at the same time enables the immigrants to recognise the gift they have been given by allowing them to become part of the society at large a society that has accepted them.

This opportunity for the home community who have offered a home to the immigrants, will help the host community to recognise the troubles and tribulations animated and goes through, and how difficult it can be to be accepted and belong.

The interviews, offer the immigrants to reflect upon their life from the day they arrived here and acknowledge  and appreciate the benefits they have received and the contributions they have made.

I thank Philippa and her team for taking on the challenge and putting on the exhibition"

Jehangir Sarosh - Interviewee


"I am very excited about experiencing the exhibition as so far I have only seen it from my wife’s and my prospective. The interviewer asked very searching questions which brought out not only my experiences but also my own beliefs and customs. It will be interesting to get an insight on how other Zoroastrians have integrated into the British way of life after migrating from other parts of the world and comparing it to mine.

My wife and I commend BandBazi for conceiving the concept for the exhibition and wish them all the success with it and with their other projects. They deserve it."

Darayus S Motivala - Interviewee